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A natural energy booster and cold suppressant! SameTang is a blend of an organic apple cider vinegar base with fruits and roots! Bradley Brown of Brown Family Farm, Inc in Fort Pierce, Florida, developed SameTang in 2015. Since then, its local popularity has grown, and Brad can now offer SameTang products to be shipped directly to your door wherever you live.

What is SameTang?

SameTang is a line of infused vinegars, dressings, and marinades made from certified organic ingredients. Benefits of SameTang include preventing inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections, cancer, and the common cold!

How should I use SameTang?

SameTang is delicious in a 1-2 oz. shot taken daily to improve overall function of your system. SameTang dressings and marinades are delicious on salads or for flavoring your favorite dishes. Utilize SameTang products in making your own recipes for barbecue sauce, beef jerky, homemade jams and jellies, or in preparing mixed drinks.

How can I get SameTang?

Order your favorites in the store for shipping directly to your home in the continental US.

Where can I find SameTang on the Treasure Coast?

Local customers can buy SameTang directly from the store located at 3475 US-1 in Fort Pierce, FL. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9am-6pm.
You can also purchase SameTang at the Wednesday Green Market, 12-6pm in downtown Fort Pierce. On Saturdays, visit us 8am-12pm at the Vero Beach Farmer’s Market Oceanside. On Sundays, find us at the Palm Beach Gardens Farmer’s Market, 9am-1pm.

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