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The fiery apple of our logo hints at the profile of flavors in SameTang infused vinegar products!


SameTang's infused vinegar products improve on the natural health benefits of its ingredients by combining them into a single remedy.

Welcome to! My name is Bradley Brown, and I developed SameTang in 2015. SameTang is a line of infused vinegar products, starting with organic apple cider vinegar, then adding an assortment of fruits, vegetables, roots, and herbs. Since its inception, I've added options for vegan infusions, salad dressings, and marinades.

I'm a certified organic farmer located in Fort Pierce, Florida. I grow several types of produce, raise chickens and ducks for eggs, and sell my products at area green markets. As SameTang products grew in popularity, I decided to invest in my own store and cafe, and to expand my vinegar sales to the online marketplace.

You can now order SameTang vinegar infusion products online to be delivered anywhere in the continental US. Local customers, find SameTang products at the Brown Family Store at 3475 US-1, Fort Pierce, FL 34982, or at any of the area green markets where I sell.

Find me at these fantastic area green markets:

Be sure to stop by and try a sample at any of my locations!

I'm so proud to introduce my products to a wider market online, and I hope to be able to share the healing powers of SameTang with more people as word spreads. The greatest compliment any customer can give me is a recommendation of my products to their friends.

I hope everyone who tries SameTang loves it, and that my customers will use this site as a new channel for all the latest news about SameTang, or as an additional tool to reach out to me.

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